Crypto Market Ads presents the crypto marketing and advertising marketplace

Market Ads offers a working platform and multiple marketing options

Crypto Market Ads introduces a new marketplace that solves all advertising and marketing needs; focused on Crypto & Blockchain market niches. The typical difficulties and problems are eliminated in a flash, connecting publishers and advertisers in the industry on a platform designed to fit the needs. By participating free of charge, the market environment allows publishers to engage in fairly and successfully competing, allowing them to maintain competitive prices. It leads to the discovery of costs that are as low as affordable and attractive to advertisers. The crypto advertising and marketing industry have expanded over the last two years. Compared to ...
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Crypto-laundering – Not a Washing Machine. Yet

Despite all the perception that crypto-atheists, naysayers and some movie-makers have, and spur, about crypto technology being a laundering nightmare, the truth is still tucked well inside some grey pile somewhere.

So the movie is out. People in the crypto community have run out of eggs and tomatoes. People who are still catching up on what the word even means are trying to make up their minds. But despite all the polarizing reactions the Kurt Russell starrer ‘Crypto’ minted, its plot (that was all about the use of cryptocurrencies by a clandestine network for primarily laundering money) should make us think about the big issue in a way that is neither black or white, neither blue nor pink – which is, by neither dissing crypt ...
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BSV- Not End of Game. Starting a War

Heroes can indulge in trifling beer-bar fights. Super-heroes can’t. There is no time.

There is a new tussle between Ayres and Wrights of the crypto world that has shaken up the industry yet again from a cosy slumber. Thanks to an alien force that is as intriguing and important to the plot as a Hodlonaut. There are collateral damages in the form of Bitcoin SV (BSV) delisted from Binance and then a supposed replay for Bitcoin Cash (delisting expected in June 2019) by Japanese player SBI Holdings. There is Kraken, ShapeShift and lots of other players meanwhile taking sides in their chosen armies.

The only twist in
the plot however - Is Thor really avenging Heimdall? Is Doctor Strange going to
re-integrate by some stroke of future? W ...
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Nuvo is Building a Blockchain-Based Decentralized Communications Ecosystem for Africa and Beyond

It comes as a surprise to most people that the network we know as the “world-wide web” is in many ways not world-wide at all. For instance, platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have long been banned in the People’s Republic of China1 - which was followed by a ban of WhatsApp in 20172. Another example is general access to the Internet in Eritrea, where less than 1.18% of the population of over 4.4 million people uses the Internet3. More shockingly, a 2016 study by Cambridge University revealed that more than sixty countries engage in some form of state-sponsored censorship of the Internet4. With several forms of social advances relying on unencumbered access to the Internet, many parts of the world are being left in the dark ...
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Belarus: a place for mining granted by the President

During the meeting with the representatives of the IT-sector on April 12 in the High-Tech Park, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko said:

Wait, we will launch a nuclear power plant, (there will be) a surplus of electricity … I left the place there. We will build farms and mine these bitcoins and sell them. Moreover, they say, if you have bitcoin, it"s not a problem to sell it.

The first power block of Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant (BelNPP) is planned to be launched in December 2019, the second - in summer 2020.

The country became attractive to IT-sector and cryptocurrency and blockchain-related business for over a year by now. Decree No.8 dated December 21, 2017 "On Digital Economy Development" was signed by the P ...
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What if China bans bitcoin mining?

The National Development and Reform Commission of China (NDRC) wants to ban bitcoin mining. The corresponding document appeared on the website of the organization. How will it possibly influence bitcoin?

Well, let"s figure out what possible outcome this decision might give to bitcoin network - this will reduce the hashpower of the network, blocks will be harder to be confirmed, it will take longer to calculate one block.

This situation might look as a disaster, considering the fact that by some calculations, up to 60% of the hashpower of the entire network is currently located in China. According to the logic of an average human-being, we imagine a huge factory with some production lines that are constantly printing bitcoins as the ...
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How to get over your Ex

Pick a paper, note down their good things, then the not-so-good things and well, move on.

One entails a deeper commitment. The other has lesser stakes. One involves more members of the family. The other never flashes ‘complicated’ in the relationship status. One takes time to marinate. The other one is easy to carry-on. One takes intestinal fortitude and is not so easy to replace. The other is faster and simpler but also easy to swap. One needs maturity. The other accommodates novices.

Caught you? You almost thought we were talking about marriage vs. live-in. No? You were actually thinking of slow-cooked rice in a Moroccan Tagine vs. a ready-to-eat pack tossed in a microwave? Well, same difference. We are trying to compare DEX (De ...
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