Verasity’s VRA token increases 300% because of its Product and Sales Strategy

are millions of publishers competing with YouTube and Facebook for views. Since
most can’t compete, they add the YouTube player on their site and hope for the
best. The best is not much. YouTube and Facebook provide a pittance of revenue
in exchange for those views and therefore publishers are dying like flies.

Simply building a video sharing platform is not a solution because no matter how good the platform, who is going to bother to move off YouTube to watch a bit of content when they have a whole world of content on YouTube. Do any kids under 18 watch anything other than YouTube? Only their favorites like Walking Dead and Game of Thrones if they can’t torrent it.

What is a publisher to do in a face off against these mon ...
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2019: A Happy - and New - Year for crypto-conmen and thieves so far

The bubbly is unmistakably all around as experts and security -industry players take stock of new crypto-threats and malware attacks gaining steam and ground. Count the bottles of champagne popped and you would know.

Get up and brush the dust away from last year’s attacks. If 2018 was abuzz with cryptocurrency wallets, Salty Spider malware trapping cryptocurrency users (specially Electrum BTC Wallets), BTC ransomware payment demands and crypto-jacking, 2019 is showing starker and stronger intersections between the orbits of cyber threats and cryptocurrency.  As always, the devil lurks in the fine print. But let us skim through the bigger fonts first. They will jump us through the hoops faster. Strap yourself for words like m ...
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Bitmain unveiled new Antminer for Zcash

Bitmain company introduced the new Antminer Z11, the main feature of which is the ability to mine Zcash three times faster than in the normal version of the device. Also, the model consumes almost one and a half times less electricity.

The model is based on the Equihash algorithm, which provides more than 135 thousand calculations per second. With a weight of 5.4 kilograms, the device is easily transported, as it is enclosed in a convenient case. Also, the developers have created a convenient and functional interface for it, which means that the device can be quickly reconnected.

Antminer s9 presented in October last year. Its main feature was the built-in algorithm ...
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Craig Wright has filed 155 patent applications in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency since August 2017

The branded "patent troll" Craig Wright has already filed 155 applications for patents in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Australian engineer and entrepreneur Craig Wright, who repeatedly presented himself as Bitcoin"s anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto, filed 155 patent applications in two years, according to The Next Web (TNW).

TNW notes that since August 2017, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has published more than a hundred patent applications filed by Wright. WIPO publishes patent applications to notify the public of the presence of potential new technical solutions in a particular industry.

Wright will receive ownership of the objects of patenting only if the applications are approved by ...
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Dash will help feed the children of Venezuela

The Dash project team announced the launch of a charity program to create a transparent system for the distribution of raised funds. This is reported on the official website of the project.

Donations will be accepted using the Dash Text service, which allows you to transfer cryptocurrency via SMS. Relevant information appeared on the project website.

This program will be launched in Venezuela. Its residents suffer from hyperinflation and the economic crisis, as a result of which many families are not able to provide themselves with food. Working through Dash Text will allow you to transfer funds to people who have simple “push-button” phones at their disposal.

The first object of assistance in the launch of the pilot version of t ...
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What is Tether doing now?

The company behind the USDT, in fact, recognizes that it conducts banking operations with partial coverage, and possibly issues money backed up by liquidated or falling assets.

Tether again deals with its fraud. Very quietly, without trying to draw attention to this, the company changed part of the text on its website. Instead of stating that each USDT token is supported by dollar reserves in a 1: 1 ratio, a moment that has always been in doubt, because they did not allow for proper testing — now Tether writes on their official website:

Every tether is always 100% backed by our reserves, which include traditional currency and cash equivalents and, from time to time, may include other assets and receivables from loans made by T ...
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Monero: Not THE Earliest Bird, and still getting the worm

Why using open-source and GPU approaches is making Monero a smart second-mover in cryptocurrency forest?

The First One gets the Oyster. The Second One gets the Shell. ORPioneers get Arrows. Settlers get the Land.

Yes, like everything in life there are two ways to look at anything. Being the first one in any space endows that brave soldier with a quiver of advantages and that much-craved thing called eponymous-brand-weight. Bitcoin is synonymous to cryptocurrency for the average layman. That counts.

But it can also mean a lot of arrows on the first person’s body.

Bitcoin did not change the way we think about money and speed of transactions. It capsized it. It came as a seismic force that totally, and unrecognizably, upended ...
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