Crypto exchange from the top 10 will open an office in Malta

The island state became the center of attraction of the world"s largest sites for the cryptocurrency trade.

Crypto exchange, which is included in the top 10 sites by the cryptocurrency trade turnover, announced its intention to open an office in Malta. On the "island of Blockchain", as informally call this state not only the representatives of the crypto community but also the policy of the country itself, the Chinese crypto exchange is going to conduct its operational activities. We are talking about the servicing of transactions ...
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Hungary starts regulating cryptocurrencies. Reduced taxes for investors.

The Ministry of Finance of the country recalled that digital money is still not considered as means of payment.
The Hungarian government is working to create a regulatory framework for regulating the digital money market. The authorities gathered a group of specialists to assess the legal, economic, security and other aspects of the cryptocurrency, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Finance of the country.

The sector will begin to study representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the central bank, tax and other ...
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Saudi Arabia outlaws cryptocurrencies

Saudi Arabia has declared the cryptocurrencies outlawed, a corresponding statement was made by the committee, which includes local regulators, as well as a number of ministers. Citizens of the country warn against investments in digital assets that are characterized by high risk, as well as the possibility of uncontrolled movement of coins to unknown individuals and organizations.

At the same time, the statement does not specify whether all participants in crypto deals will now be prosecuted and what punishment they will face, or the ...
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Cryptocurrency market cap fell below $ 200 billion for the first time this year

The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency fell below $ 200 billion for the first time this year, having lost more than 70% in seven months.

According to the analytical portal CoinMarketCap, the market capitalization on Tuesday fell to $ 191 billion, which is the minimum since November last year.

In January, the volume of the market reached a peak level of $ 814 billion.

Bitcoin, ether and other main cryptocurrencies continue to become cheaper. The bitcoin"s rate fell by 5%, falling below $ 6000 for the first time since the end ...
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The World Bank to issue first blockchain bonds

The World Bank instructed Commonwealth Bank of Australia to issue the world"s first blockchain bonds, according to the bank"s PR service.

The bonds will be created, placed, transferred and managed only with the help of distributed ledger technology, the bank said. The same technology underlies cryptocurrency and records all transactions reliably.

For the new financial product, the designation bond-i was chosen.

The operations will start on a certain platform, but in the future, the World Bank does not exclude that the placement ...
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Stasis have issued "crypto euro" EURS

The Stasis cryptographic platform, created by the Russians Grigory Klumov and Anatoly Knyazev, issued "crypto euro" EURS for 12.2 million euros. Cryptocurrency is backed with an equivalent amount in euros, it greatly simplifies the acquisition of any crypto assets in Malta.
Why CryptoEuro
CryptoEuro on 12.2 million euros was issued by STSS Malta Limited, the legal entity of the Stasis platform. STSS Malta Limited was registered in May 2018 in Malta. Crypto euro belongs to the category of so-called stablecoins ...
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Chinese government can legalize cryptocurrencies

The People"s Bank of the country is studying the possibility of legalizing digital money and is consulting with experts on this issue.
The Chinese authorities show interest in cryptocurrencies, but behave very cautiously, Yury Gugnin, deputy chairman of the expert council under the State Duma of Russia for digital economy and blockchain, who conducts educational seminars on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in China.

According to the official, the local government is not against digital money, it understands that this is an ...
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